CaneLaw prosecutes and defends rights and claims on behalf of individuals and entities:  

  • The founder of a successful new media company was wrongfully deprived of $6 million in stock when he left the company.  We filed a lawsuit on his behalf, and after we successfully defended a motion to dismiss his breach of contract case, our client received a cash payment for his shares in the full amount sought.

  • Our client made a significant investment in a patented technology, only to have a group of competing investors claim to own the core software.  After a series of emergency hearings, the court permanently enjoined the competitors from using the technology and awarded our client more than $1 million in costs.

  • We represented one of two owners of a multinational manufacturing business in a “business divorce.”  We were able to reduce our adversary’s demand for a buyout from $7 million to zero through the use of strategic litigation and discovery.