CaneLaw represents hedge funds, money managers and investment advisors in a wide variety of litigation issues, including:

  • Successfully defending a $600 million hedge fund in a series of ongoing contractual disputes with a disgruntled former investor group in several state and federal courts.

  • Obtaining a judgment in the full amount claimed for our client, a multibillion-dollar private equity fund, against a business buyer who refused to complete payment of a $300 million obligation.

  • A disgruntled former customer sued our client, a global wealth management firm, for fraud after a market correction. The former customer withdrew his lawsuit voluntarily, permanently and for no payment on the day after his deposition.



CaneLaw prosecutes and defends rights and claims on behalf of individuals and entities:  

  • The founder of a successful new media company was wrongfully deprived of $6 million in stock when he left the company.  We filed a lawsuit on his behalf, and after we successfully defended a motion to dismiss his breach of contract case, our client received a cash payment for his shares in the full amount sought.

  • Our client made a significant investment in a patented technology, only to have a group of competing investors claim to own the core software.  After a series of emergency hearings, the court permanently enjoined the competitors from using the technology and awarded our client more than $1 million in costs.

We represented one of two owners of a multinational manufacturing business in a “business divorce.”  We were able to reduce our adversary’s demand for a buyout from $7 million to zero through the use of strategic litigation and discovery.



  • We represented the largest video game distributor in the world in a contract dispute with one of its manufacturers and obtained a seven-figure judgment before trial for our client.

  • After producing a hit tribute show on Broadway and in London’s West End, our client was sued by his former business partners.  We defended the case aggressively and obtained a full and voluntary release of all claims, including the forgiveness of our client’s large and undisputed debt, weeks after completing pretrial discovery. 

  • Our client was accused of breaching a material provision in its contract to sell a group of television stations.  We filed a preemptive lawsuit in state court.  The purchasers not only released all potential claims, but reimbursed our client’s legal fees after less than six months of litigation.

  • Our client, the star of a network television show, was sued by a former manager for allegedly unpaid commissions.  The case was dismissed in its entirety on our initial motion.



  • Sometimes, the best litigation strategy is avoiding litigation.  CaneLaw works with clients to anticipate potential legal issues and develop strategies to avoid future claims.   

  • We have extensive experience in arbitration, mediation and other formal processes that can help avert costly and time-consuming court proceedings.

  • When it is time to negotiate, our reputation as experienced and aggressive trial counsel is a powerful incentive in convincing our adversaries to reach a resolution.



  • We acted as general counsel to the cable TV production subsidiary of a major Hollywood studio, including the negotiation and drafting of all material agreements relating to the production and distribution of original programming.

  • Our London-based client produces and presents live stage shows throughout the world, in addition to owning and operating two major theaters in the US.  As general counsel, we advise the company on a variety of production, business and other legal issues.

  • We have been production counsel for more than 100 Broadway, Off-Broadway and touring shows in the US, UK and elsewhere around the world. We have also acted as general counsel to the largest independent producer of musical theater in the US and several prominent Off-Broadway theater companies.